Our family centres

Working in the local authority area of Swansea since 1999 we have nearly two decades of experience which has well established us within disadvantaged communities enabling us to meet our mission.

Help save our centres

We have three Family Centres in Swansea based in deprived communities across the city which have been established for many years to meet the needs and demands of the areas. Welsh Government’s Tackling Poverty program – Communities First is coming to an end in March 2018. A total of £260,000 is needed for these Family Centres – which is 79% of the overall funding. These Centres will have to close, services to children and families in these areas will end, a skilled and passionate staff team will be made redundant and relationships built up in these communities for almost two decades will be lost.
£20,000 will give us a lifeline while we secure sustainable funding for these vital centres and services. Click here to donate.