Clase Community Cwtch Family Community Day: Cantref Farm.

25th February 2022.

Swansea Council’s Winter of Wellbeing Initiative.

Thanks to Swansea Council’s Winter of Wellbeing Initiative, Faith in Families were presented with the opportunity to facilitate a family community trip to Cantref Farm. This community trip was a part of a week-long itinerary of activities, services and engagement opportunities provided by the Clase Community Cwtch over the half-term period.

Our trip was targeted towards the local community to provide a family enrichment opportunity, which they would otherwise be unable to enjoy. Providing local families the chance to have new experiences and valuable bonding opportunities for parents, children and members of the local community which is so valuable within our communities.

We saw a high level of engagement with 24 adults and 49 children attending the community trip. The families spent their day building relationships and enjoying new activities through a range of new experiences. Children had the opportunity to learn and develop new skills such as animal handling, teamwork, leadership skills, and problem solving skills to name a few.

“Fantastic day! Amazing for families who may not be able to come due to their own circumstances. Makes it accessible for all!”

“It was awesome to see the animals and play with my friends.”

“Very enjoyable will definitely come back. Lovely day out!”

“Lots of fun, gives children opportunities they don’t normally have.”

Moreover, the children had valuable play opportunities with their friends and families, allowing them to build meaningful relationships. Our key goal is for children and families to have the chance to play, build friendships and develop lifelong supportive relationships in their communities.

“These experiences were a first for a lot of the children and families we support. The children saw a newborn lamb for the first time, walk goats, groom ponies, and hand feed sheep! This was a fantastic opportunity for the children to make new friends develop their social skills and play in a safe and stimulating environment.”

-Hannah Charles, Children’s Engagement Officer-

At Faith in Families, we see the potential in every child. We know that with the right environment and support, every child can thrive and experience the childhood they truly deserve!

Giving these children the chance to play, be outdoors, and meet friends is incredibly important and something that they rarely get the chance to do. But with your support we can do so much more to make our city a better place for everyone to live, play, work and grow in Swansea.