Let’s be Compassionate this Christmas

When we show kindness without judgement, we can really help share in the joy of what Christmas time is known for.  Our children and families are facing a crisis that many have never seen before, they are going into this winter – with zilch.

If we are motivated to help, this year more than ever then let us do it with compassion, Let us give families respect and dignity and take away the hopelessness that having nothing brings to them.

As a single Mum of three I remember the pressures of Christmas when my sons were young, of trying to keep up with the great expectations of a mythical person that would bring gifts to my boys if they had been nice. Wanting them to know they were valued and special and to have the excitement that their friends were having and that they were not on the naughty list. Knowing the lasting impact that would have on their self-belief.

Faith in Families Call for a Compassionate Christmas This Year!

When the Christmas adverts appear on televisions very shortly many families would have already started to get into further debt, planning to not let their little ones know the despair that they are living in daily,to have a glimmer of something to look forward to when 

This crisis is miserable and never ending. We all want to see our children’s  faces on Christmas morning light up with delight in a gift that we have been able to provide, even if we know the hardship that that moment might bring in the days and months after.

How grim it would be not to even have a snapshot of the tranquillity of belonging,  during the festive season when the rest of the year we barely survive. If we are all honest the magical optimistic picture of a cosy warm home, tastefully decorated with cheer, with snow falling outside as a happy family gathers to share a large over indulged meal is not a reality for many of us.

Give parents the joy of being able to choose a present that they know their child will adore.

-Cherrie Bija

This Christmas more than ever it really will be a    bleak and desperate time for our children and families who are already cold, hungry and going without.  Who already have the shameful experience of being told what to eat by the package that they collect from the foodbank, which is becoming their reality.

Imagine growing up knowing your parents are unable to afford to feed you. Who live with the stigma of the little choice in the clothes that they can get from the charity shops and the fact that they can no longer do the laundry as often as they would like.

Imagine never being able to choose what you can wear. Whose feet are squashed into ill-fitting shoes when they daily feel the pain of poverty with each step they take. Imagine not knowing what comfort feels like. Who huddle together to keep warm and who are facing the ill health that is coming their way in a future of even more uncertainty. Imagine not having any hope.

So this year we are asking, if you can and choose to give, add pride to our Mums and Dads and give them the pleasure with any gift that you would like to donate.

Imagine not being able to buy your child a gift at Christmas time. This will ensure a toy, or book or jigsaw will be or what their child wants will be grateful received because they have seen their son wistfully looking at his friend with the cricket bat, or their daughter dream for rugby shoes to be able to take part in the school team.  They know their children more than we do.

Each year we are overwhelmed by gifts that generous people donate to our families. However, for the exact same cost we could do so much more if we thought about it compassionately.

-Cherrie Bija

This Christmas if you want to spread some joy to the Children in our city then please do so soon, and please give our parents the consideration and kindness in being part of that joy too.

Help us to give them a voucher so that they can be part of the magic and that their children can have something from their own Santa’s list.

Please donate to our Compassionate Christmas just giving page.

Support us in our ongoing work caring for these families as we go through the bleak months ahead by donating to our services whatever you can.

Please become a regular supporter if you can by setting up a direct debit – or best still come along and volunteer for us.

Start the New Year of planning for an adventure – join us on a Trek across Jordan – sign up to the challenge now and let’s share the stories of our children to many more.

Join us in being compassionate this Christmas for the Children in our City.