Welcoming Karen Grunhut as the New Chair of Trustees

We are delighted to welcome Karen Grunhut as the new chair of trustees for Faith in Families.

During my working life I have been involved with Faith In Families in various roles since 2006. During that time I never thought that I’d become the Chair of Trustees of what I think is one of Swansea’s most significant charities, one that constantly punches above its weight.

I have worked for over 20 years in roles that aimed to address the injustice of poverty in Swansea, Wales and beyond. I am absolutely delighted to be in a position to support the inspirational work that the Faith In Families staff delivers on a daily basis but also to work alongside a Board of trustees with an incredible range of skills and knowledge. All these incredible individuals are totally committed to doing all that they can to alleviate the impact of poverty child by child and family by family at a local level. We will also look at the evidence available to enable us to campaign and lobby for changes to the systems that cause poverty. In the first place.

Even in the best of times that is challenging ambition, and some might say that in the current economic climate, with a cost of living crisis, and services budget cuts, it’s an impossible task. Well we at Faith in Families strongly believe that ‘The true measure of a society can be found in how it treats it’s most vulnerable’ and how we strive to treat people is with dignity, empathy, compassion and hope.

-Karen Grunhut, Faith in Families Chair of Trustees.

I am thrilled to have the expertise, skills, and knowledge of someone with incredible calibre that Karen brings serving as Chair of the Board of Faith in Families. I eagerly anticipate the strength and tenacity we bring together to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of 2024 to make Swansea a city where every child can reach their full potential.

-Cherrie Bija, Faith in Families Chief Executive Officer.