Covid Impact Report March 2020 to January 2021

It has been an incredible year and as I reflect on the loss and loneliness that most of us have felt I also want to consider the connection and companionship that we have experienced.

Since the Pandemic began Faith in Families teams and volunteers have reached out to our communities in many different, creative ways.

During the first lockdown we achieved –

  • Support to 56 families in crisis and 75 children from 61 different families
  • 496 food parcels for those facing food poverty or who were isolated
  • 1043 check-in phone calls to support wellbeing
  • Delivered 23 toys, iPads or other equipment to bridge the digital divide
  • 104 online activities to encourage learning
  • 104 online stories  to maintain relationships
  • 47 online songs to bring fun
  • 52 online cookery sessions to promote healthy living
  • 716 activity packs to ensure everyone could join in.

As restrictions were lifted we immediately adapted ways of working to meet the increased demand and tackle the disproportionate way our children and families were being affected by Covid.

Our community cwtches and outreached projects had a great impact –Teilos Tots reopened on – 29th June 2020 and until 31st January 2021 we provided

  • 1007 hours of childcare, with 1393 attendees to 37 children

Teilos Cwtch reopened on 20th July and until 5 until 31st January 2021 we provided

  • 70 play sessions with over 324 attendees, which included 50 families and 69 individual children.

Bonymaen Cwtch reopened to the public on 27th July and until 31st January 2021 we provided

  • 55 Summer Session with over 170 attendees, which included 29 families and 44 individual children.
  • 23 Afterschool club sessions with 118 attendees, 13 different children, 6 of which were new.
  • 31 toddler tot sessions with 181 attendees, 15 different children, 4 of which were new.

Clase Cwtch reopened to the public on 27th July and until 31st January 2021 we provided –

  • 55 Summer Sessions with over 182 attendees, which included 32 families and 47 individual children.
  • 24 Afterschool club sessions with 137 attendees, 15 different children 6 of which were new.
  • 32 toddler tot sessions with 188 attendees, 17 different children, 4 of which were new.

In our Swansea Centres – taking regard the requirements of the ever changing restrictions we delivered over 1350 hours of  face to face sessions providing a safe and happy place to lonely and anxious children and families.

The teams also together facilitated –

  • 8 zoom sessions for over 20 children.
  • 60 check in phone calls
  • 50 online activity sessions
  • 32 online song times
  • 32 online cookery sessions

“Thank you so much, Georgia thoroughly enjoyed.  She is a quiet girl so I am proud that she got involved as it will boost her confidence.  She enjoyed so much that she is making more right now!”

Our outreach projects added the more in-depth and critical support –

Eastside Family Support Project

  • Supported 60 families and 114 children in crisis such as domestic abuse, debt, benefits and parenting issues
  • Leader change to Supported 12 multi-agency team around the family cases
  • Provided 676 hampers and food parcels
  • 22 craft packs
  • 20 clothing packs

Brighter Futures

  • At the start of the pandemic the project was supporting 47 children this increased to 128 families providing over 1450 hours of direct intensive therapy work and weekly check in sessions.

With support from Children in Need we delivered 140 care and wellbeing activity packs that were delivered to the community for the start of summer.

Inspiring Futures

  • Have supported 52 individuals with back to work support and wellbeing checks
  • Provided 156 online training courses
  • 7 individuals have gone on to attend Health & Social care courses
  • Recruited 5 volunteers for local projects, 3 went into employment, 2 into supported employment and 1 went onto university.

St John’s Centre has been providing

  • 14 skype cooking sessions to 7 children
  • 436 Food coop bags with fresh fruit and veg
  • Weekly wellbeing calls to 20 isolated older people
  • Facilitated foodbank who provided 716 parcels  and fed 1850 people

Covid has had and will continue to have a huge impact on our children and families.  Lockdown and restrictions have exacerbated some of the adverse circumstance that our communities face. The changes that we make to our behaviour and culture will be ongoing but we will continue to have the same purpose of inspiring people to believe in themselves, to succeed in the best possible life for them and their families. 

This will be even harder in the future with the broader economic shocks that we will face in the aftermath of this virus that we believe will be unequal to communities, neighbours, families and individuals that were experiencing poverty before the pandemic.

Please support our work so that we can continue to be there for our communities and the children and families within –

Our children’s lives have been turned upside down, help us give them and their families the necessary opportunities, support and friendship to live their best lives.