Inspiring futures – Let’s make Swansea a great place for everyone.

Step into a world where hope flourishes, dreams take flight, and young parents find their wings for the very first time. Welcome to the incredible journey of our Inspiring Futures project. As the CEO of Faith in Families, I am thrilled to share the profound impact this initiative has had in transforming the lives of young parents in the last year, celebrating the incredible accomplishments we’ve achieved with a small budget through our Inspiring Futures project. At Faith in Families, we firmly believe that the size of the budget should never limit the impact we can make in the lives of young parents and their children.

With limited resources, we have achieved remarkable outcomes that defy expectations. Despite financial constraints, we have supported 52 families, offering them a lifeline to reshape their futures. Witnessing six clients secure employment for the first time, breaking down barriers and gaining newfound independence, fills us with immense pride. Moreover, our commitment has enabled 15 individuals to access accredited learning courses, equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge for personal growth and success.

A world where hope flourishes- Claire’s Story

Claire is aged 24 years and was referred to the project by her Health Visitor, she was struggling to manage the behaviour of her 4-year-old son Tom, whilst trying to care for her 2 year old.  The school felt that Tom could have ASD and ADHD and were supporting a referral for assessment.  Claire was exceptionally stressed, didn’t feel like she was coping and felt unsupported by her partner.  Claire spent much of her time doing school runs or at home on her own, she was lonely and felt isolated.  I was able to refer her to our ALN support worker for help getting her son assessed and support to access DLA. Claire and the children attended our ALN Rainbow Rockets group where she met other families going through similar situations. We were able to support her 2 year old son twice a week at our playgroup and Claire attended our adult learning sessions whilst her 2 year old attended the creche.   Claire has recently completed a parenting course and has a greater understanding of how to manage her own behaviour to get the best out of her children.  Claire accesses our P & T groups and has made lots of friends in the community.   Claire no longer requires 1-1 support as she has made lots of good friends, but she knows where we are if she needs to off load.   Claire is planning on returning to education in September.

*Names have been changed to protect their identity.*

Our success lies not only in the numbers but in the power of passion, creativity, and strategic partnerships. By collaborating with Local Schools, Health Visitors, Social Workers, and other third-sector projects, we have leveraged collective resources to provide comprehensive support to young parents in Swansea. Despite the challenges, we have addressed critical needs such as housing support, benefit and debt assistance, and providing food parcels and vouchers to ensure that no family goes without. Through determination and resourcefulness, we have created a community where dreams are nurtured; where young parents are empowered to overcome obstacles, and where opportunities are embraced.

Your support is invaluable in sustaining and expanding the impact of Inspiring Futures. Whether through donations, volunteering your time and skills, or spreading the word about our achievements, you can be a catalyst for change. Together, let’s defy the odds and show the world that greatness can be achieved, regardless of the size of the budget, when we come together with passion and determination.

Creating a community where dreams are nurtured- Amy’s Story

Amy is a young mum who is struggling to make ends meet due to the challenges of living on Universal Credit (parents under 25 get paid less than over 25’s). We are helping Amy to overcome these challenges by delivering food parcels, supporting Amy to access food shares in the local community and helping her to improve her budgeting skills.  Amy is learning to budget her money, has been shown how to bulk cook and we have used the forward thinking and goal setting tools to help Amy become more solution focused and to develop plan to work towards for when her child is of school age.  We will continue to support Amy and encourage her to consider engaging in one of our Learning courses that can help support her into employment when she is ready.

*Names have been changed to protect their identity*
Join us in celebrating what can be achieved in our city.

Together, we can continue to make a lasting impact and ensure that every young parent in Swansea receives the support and opportunities they deserve. Visit our website or reach out to us today to learn how you can contribute and be part of this extraordinary journey. Let’s demonstrate an unwavering dedication, we can transform lives and make Swansea a place where every young parent thrives.

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