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Nominate Faith in Families as Swansea City Charity Partner!

Faith in Families is bidding to become Swansea City’s official charity partner for the 2022-23 season, and your nomination can help.

The club partners with a new charity every year in order to help provide much needed support, fundraising opportunities and publicity to a worthy cause.

Faith in Families CEO Cherrie Bija said:

“13,325 children in Swansea were living in poverty in Swansea in 2020/21 that is 32.7% in our City at the start of the pandemic. What have Faith in Families achieved since then is we have gone from delivering 374 children services to 873 different sessions across the projects in Swansea communities. We have connected with over 2022 children and 1632 families and developed new relationships with 1247 individuals. We have provided over 48,260 hours of affordable, quality childcare and have increased our bespoke intensive support with vulnerable children from 2410 hours in 2020-21 to an incredible 6360 hours of tailored, child-centred engagement this is an increase of 164% of support walking alongside our children to give them the tools to make better choices. We can do so much more- and the need is greater now than ever”.

Click this link: to nominate Faith in Families – charity number 1095035 – to be the club’s 2022-23 charity partner. The deadline to apply is Monday, August 1.

Faith in Families is making a real difference to children and families facing many issues. Our Family Centres in Swansea and Brecon offer a range of services from childcare to lunch clubs, inspiring those we serve, and believing in them, to help them succeed.

Established in 1999, Faith in Families has grown to encompass three community cwtch’s in the Swansea area. Each setting based in deprived areas of Swansea, aiming to provide help and support to families within the community.

Faith In Families Is’s Chosen Charity! has chosen Faith In Families as it’s featured charity! Announcing the decision, said “2021 is the first year the business will come together and support, fundraise and promote a Swansea based charity under the brand”. also stated ” We were blown away by the passion and dedication of the small teams that work in the centres and the work that they carry out. It was extremely humbling to have the pleasure to meet some of the team and children. We are fully committed to the staff and families at Faith in Families and aim to support the charity by way of fundraising, volunteering, and promoting the charity in and around Swansea”.

We also have the St Johns Wellbeing Centre, in Brecon, which serves as a community hub, supporting a variety of partners to deliver vital inter-generational services to Pendre and surrounding areas.

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