Faith in Families

Faith in Families is making a real difference to children and families facing many issues. Our Family Centres in Swansea and Brecon offer a range of services from childcare to lunch clubs, inspiring those we serve, and believing in them, to help them succeed.

Established in 1999, Faith in Families has grown to encompass three community cwtch’s in the Swansea area. Each setting based in deprived areas of Swansea, aiming to provide help and support to families within the community.

Coming Soon!

Sign up to register your interest in joining out next charity ball on the 4th April 2025! Be among the first to heart details about the event sign up below.

Make a difference in 2024!

Trek through the beautiful Borneo Jungle and climb Mount Trusmadi, challenge yourself and make a difference to children in our city – every step will count!

Support Our Chief Operating Officer

Our very own Chief Operating Officer Sharon Atkins is taking on our 100 km Sahara Desert Trek Challenge 2024.
She is taking HUGE steps towards raising money and awareness for Faith in Families.

And YOU can do the same! Challenge yourself and travel in 2024 and make a big difference to the lives of the Children of Swansea!




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