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When we show kindness without judgment, we can really help share in the joy of what Christmas time is known for. Our children and families are facing a crisis that many have never seen before, they are going into this winter – with zilch.

We work with over 500 families in Swansea, and the sad truth is that many children in Swansea will wake to nothing this year. This Christmas if you wanted to spread some joy to the Children in our city then please do so soon, and please give our parents the consideration and kindness in being part of that joy too.

Help us to give parents a gift voucher so that they can be part of the magic and buy their child something from their own Santa’s lists this Christmas.

Support us in our ongoing work caring for these families as we go through the bleak months ahead by donating to our services. Join us in being compassionate this Christmas for the Children in Swansea, and help us achieve our vision where Swansea is a City where every child can reach their full potential.

Join Fellow supporters of Faith in Families on the adventure of a lifetime!

Faith in Families has partnered up with Tribal Tracks to provide you with the opportunity for a truly unique experience! Rise to the challenge and join Faith in Families 100Km Wadi Rum Trek in Jordan 2023.

Do you want an amazing adventure filled with passion and purpose?

Join our CEO as she embarks on an epic trek of 100km through dunes, over stony plains and along dry river beds across desert to raise vital funds for our fabulous Swansea Children’s Charity, making every penny count and every step meaningful.

Click here to learn more about Tribal Tracks and their Exceptional Adventures.

Our vision is to build a city where every child can reach their full potential! Rooted in our communities, we nurture growth, cultivating fairer opportunities for all, especially during childhood. Our cultures is to promote, instil and demonstrate our values of CARE: Compassion, Aspiration, Respect, Empathy.

Do you have what it takes to embark on a fabulous 5 day challenge trekking through the majestic Wadi Rum, Jordan. Join our fellow supporters and help to raise fund and awareness for Faith in Families, a Swansea Charity serving Swansea’s communities.

To book on for this fabulous opportunity click here. For access to a full itinerary click here .

Faith in Families is making a real difference to children and families facing many issues. Our Family Centres in Swansea and Brecon offer a range of services from childcare to lunch clubs, inspiring those we serve, and believing in them, to help them succeed.

Established in 1999, Faith in Families has grown to encompass three community cwtch’s in the Swansea area. Each setting based in deprived areas of Swansea, aiming to provide help and support to families within the community.

Faith In Families Is’s Chosen Charity! has chosen Faith In Families as it’s featured charity! Announcing the decision, said “2021 is the first year the business will come together and support, fundraise and promote a Swansea based charity under the brand”. also stated ” We were blown away by the passion and dedication of the small teams that work in the centres and the work that they carry out. It was extremely humbling to have the pleasure to meet some of the team and children. We are fully committed to the staff and families at Faith in Families and aim to support the charity by way of fundraising, volunteering, and promoting the charity in and around Swansea”.

We also have the St Johns Wellbeing Centre, in Brecon, which serves as a community hub, supporting a variety of partners to deliver vital inter-generational services to Pendre and surrounding areas.

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