Brighter Futures Project

We are a team of dedicated Practitioners who provide bespoke 1-2-1 interventions for children who require extra support with: Understanding and managing strong emotions, processing traumatic events, attachment difficulties, anxiety, self-esteem, family relationships, to name just a few.

What We Do

Our approach is trauma informed and works with the understanding that behaviors and emotions, especially difficult ones, are often an understandable response to a challenging situation. We focus on the strengths of young people and the small things we can do every day to support our wellbeing. The project supports children and young people to not only understand their emotions but to regulate them. Through support, children can communicate their emotional needs as well as use various proven emotional regulation tools to soothe themselves in times of distress. Children then feel more confident once support has ended to take on any tough life experiences without the help of services.


Clase Community Cwtch, 1-3 Beconsview Road, Clase, Swansea, SA6 7HJ

01792 773396

Our History

The Brighter Futures Project was developed in May 2019 after many years of research and consultation. Our target audience are children who have experienced often multiple ACE’s and are struggling with big emotions such as anger and anxiety, which is often displayed in unwanted behaviors meaning that they find life in general difficult. They have few opportunities to develop social skills, are unable to control emotions and have limited positive relationships. We currently work with over 30 schools across Swansea. Our team are not only dedicated but motivated to improve the lives of children, young people, and families within our communities. We want to see children thrive, families grow, and young people develop into happy adults. We know that we cannot always change the circumstances in which children are living but we can change how they can respond to what is happening in their lives.
Linda Harle

Linda Harle

Project Lead

Jake Mayes

Jake Mayes

Senior ACE recovery Practitioner

Chris roberts clase

Chris Roberts

Children's Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner

Services available:

1-2-1 Support

Child led 1-2-1 focused support based around the child’s individual needs

Group Work

We run several group sessions including ACE recovery, self-esteem, dating matters and money heroes

Interventions used include: