Faith In Families and Rasoi Wales supporting Families of Swansea!

Faith in Families is delighted to connect with Rasoi and provide the families of Swansea with a special treat this Christmas season!

Rasoi visited our Teilo’s Community Cwtch in their iconic Tuk Tuk and delivered 85 delicious festive takeaways, and Christmas selections boxes for the children!

Suki the owner of Rasoi said “We heard about the work that Faith in Families do in Swansea and were shocked and saddened to hear about the poverty some children are living in, right here in our City! And these circumstances are only getting worse as the cost of living crisis continues. We wanted to give back to the community this Christmas Season.”

Cherrie Bija, CEO of Faith in Families said “This was an incredibly special afternoon for Faith in Families, thanks to the kind and generosity of Suki and Rasoi. The food was devoured, the children were delighted and a little bit of Christmas magic was shared. Its these moments we are reminded that compassion is truly priceless – Together we can make City & County of Swansea a wonderful place for every child if we want to.”

So a big THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS to Suki and all the staff at Rasoi for their Kindness and Compassion this Christmas!

And a very special thank you to ReThink PR for covering this story and producing this fabulous video! Merry Christmas!