Faith in Families Chosen as Charity of the Year by Alex Shufflebottom and Shufflebottom Ltd 

Faith in Families is thrilled to announce that Alex Shufflebottom and her business, Shufflebottom Ltd, have selected Faith in Families as their Charity of the Year for 2024/2025.

This significant partnership comes at a critical time as the charity strives to combat the pervasive issue of child poverty in Wales. 
In 2022, an alarming 34% of children in Wales lived in poverty, translating to 24,038 children in Swansea alone. Currently, approximately 30,000 children in the area are being deprived of a happy and healthy childhood. These children face hunger, cold, anxiety, and anger, barely surviving in conditions that stifle their potential. 

Faith in Families is dedicated to reversing this trend, providing crucial support to children and their families. The charity’s work is vital, not just for immediate relief, but for the long-term health and prosperity of our community. Without intervention, the impacts of childhood poverty can lead to lifelong health issues, reduced employment opportunities, and increased pressures on our welfare and criminal justice systems. 

We are incredibly grateful to Alex Shufflebottom and Shufflebottom Ltd for choosing Faith in Families as their Charity of the Year. Their support will be instrumental in helping us address the urgent needs of children and families in Swansea. With their backing, we can continue to build brighter futures and offer support that goes beyond temporary relief, ensuring lasting positive changes in our community.

-Cherrie Bija, CEO of Faith in Families, expressed profound gratitude for this new partnership.

I just wanted to say thank you very much for the warm welcome that you gave me and for taking the time to show me around your AMAZING facility (Cwtch Mawr) this morning. Both I personally and Shufflebottom as a business would be delighted to help in any way that we can.

-Alex Shufflebottom

Alex Shufflebottom’s commitment to Faith in Families was evident following her recent visit to one of the charity’s facilities. Faith in Families looks forward to collaborating with Shufflebottom Ltd in various fundraising efforts and promotional activities throughout the year. This partnership exemplifies how businesses can make a meaningful impact on their communities, and Faith in Families is excited about the possibilities this collaboration holds. 

 Together, we can offer #HugsNotHandouts and #BuildBrighterFutures for children in South Wales. Let’s not just change lives; let’s have faith in everyone’s futures. 

About Shufflebottom Ltd: 

Shufflebottom Ltd – is an award-winning business manufacturing and constructing structural steel framed building for commercial and agricultural uses across the United Kingdom and further afield. Shufflebottom are a market leading company known for producing high-quality, custom-built buildings. Learn more here.