What Does Poverty Feel Like 50 Years On?

My family home when I was born is currently ranked in the top area for deprivation in Swansea, but my parents loved it there, with Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles all within a stone’s throw of each other, a real community.

Our home caught fire when I was 3 months old, – we were moved temporarily to another community moving up the lofty ranks of deprivation raising to what would now be third on the list for poverty.

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Let’s be Compassionate this Christmas

When we show kindness without judgement, we can really help share in the joy of what Christmas time is known for.  Our children and families are facing a crisis that many have never seen before, they are going into this winter – with zilch.

If we are motivated to help, this year more than ever then let us do it with compassion, Let us give families respect and dignity and take away the hopelessness that having nothing brings to them.

As a single Mum of three I remember the pressures of Christmas when my sons were young, of trying to keep up with the great expectations of a mythical person that would bring gifts to my boys if they had been nice. Wanting them to know they were valued and special and to have the excitement that their friends were having and that they were not on the naughty list. Knowing the lasting impact that would have on their self-belief.

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