Bonymaen Community Cwtch: Community Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic.

14th April 2022.

Easter Half Term 2022.

This Easter the Bonymaen Community Cwtch hosed a community Easter egg hunt and picnic which was part of a two-week long itinerary of activities. This community day was made possible thanks to the generosity of Carolyn Harris MP and ‘Twiggy’s Removals’, who provided the community Cwtch with a large donation of chocolate eggs for their ‘Everyone Deserves an Easter’ campaign.

As part of Carolyn’s campaign, food baskets were prepared and distributed to families in need in the Swansea area. These food baskets included but were not limited to, a whole chicken, pack of ham, crisps, bread rolls, vegetables, gravy, tinned foods, fruits, cereals, breakfast bars, james, cheese, milk, bread, squash, and most importantly delicious chocolate Easter eggs.

Carolyn Harris also made sure to visit various community groups across Swansea to donate large amounts of chocolate eggs for their service users. We were extremely grateful for the donation of 150 Easter eggs for our Easter egg hunt and family picnic. The goal behind this initiative was to ensure children and their families could enjoy and celebrate Easter with a delicious hearty meal and chocolate treats.

“Thank you all for another fabulous day. Me and the girls really enjoyed it. Thank you for all your hard work!”

“Thank you so much for giving us a chance to do all of these wonderful trips with you all, we have had a fabulous day and can’t wait for the next one!”

The family Easter egg hunt and picnic was held at Cwm Park in Bonymaen. The large open fields made for plenty of space for the families joining the Easter fun, and a great space for hiding the Easter eggs! Throughout the field there were various activity stations set up ready and waiting for the children to enjoy.

There were stations to play twister, Hula Hooping, Jenga, Bowling, and Building Blocks. There were also stations for arts and crafts, Sensory Trays with rice Krispies, sand, and one was filled with shaving foam. There were space hoppers, balance boards and pogo sticks for the children to enjoy.

“Dylan loved every minute of it. Thank you so much for giving him this opportunity!”

The stall set up by the basketball pitch was laden with books, and each child was able to pick one to take home with them. Here the children lined up patiently waiting for their face to be painted, and a photo wall had been prepared with a beautiful Easter themed backdrop and Easter Bunny ears for the children to wear for a photo.

After the picnic had been handed out and enjoyed, we had a special guest treat us with a surprise visit! The Easter Bunny arrive, the children were overjoyed, and all ran down to meet the Easter Bunny and have photos. Once everyone had their photo taken with the Easter Bunny the main event of the Easter egg hunt began! Everyone in attendance gathered around waiting for the ‘on your marks, get set, go!’, on Suzanne’s permission everyone ran into the fields and began the hectic search for Easter Eggs.

Parents and children of all ages ran through the field frantically searching for an Easter egg, as well as keeping a sharp eye out for the Golden Easter egg! Once the children had found an Easter egg they could return to the stall and swap their paper Easter egg for a chocolate one! All children in attendance received a chocolate egg.

“Thanks again girls for all the work you have all done for all the kids over this holiday, and for a fab day out Ryan love it!”

“Thank you all so much for a wonderful day we had a ball!”

At Faith in Families, we see the potential in every child. We know that with the right environment and support, every child can thrive and experience the childhood they truly deserve!

Giving these children the chance to play, be outdoors, and meet friends is incredibly important and something that they rarely get the chance to do. But with your support we can do so much more to make our city a better place for everyone to live, play, work and grow in Swansea.

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