Volunteering for a season, not just springtime!

15th June 2022.

The buzz you feel and hear when you step into a weathered garden of a family centre at springtime and see the energy and enthusiasm of a team of volunteers bustling around doing all the things that we never get the time to do is uplifting. The grass is greener, the fence is brighter and there is always the sound of laughter during the day. As we wave goodbye to these talented, experienced professionals, gifted in many skill-sets that we have not yet had the chance to develop, we smile as the place looks great once more and we appreciate their time.

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Bonymaen Community Cwtch: Community Easter Egg Hunt and Picnic.

14th April 2022.

Easter Half Term 2022.

This Easter the Bonymaen Community Cwtch hosed a community Easter egg hunt and picnic which was part of a two-week long itinerary of activities. This community day was made possible thanks to the generosity of Carolyn Harris MP and ‘Twiggy’s Removals’, who provided the community Cwtch with a large donation of chocolate eggs for their ‘Everyone Deserves an Easter’ campaign.

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Clase Community Cwtch Family Community Day: Cantref Farm.

25th February 2022.

Swansea Council’s Winter of Wellbeing Initiative.

Thanks to Swansea Council’s Winter of Wellbeing Initiative, Faith in Families were presented with the opportunity to facilitate a family community trip to Cantref Farm. This community trip was a part of a week-long itinerary of activities, services and engagement opportunities provided by the Clase Community Cwtch over the half-term period.

Our trip was targeted towards the local community to provide a family enrichment opportunity, which they would otherwise be unable to enjoy. Providing local families the chance to have new experiences and valuable bonding opportunities for parents, children and members of the local community which is so valuable within our communities.

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